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Tips For Your First Water Rafting In Medellin

If you love the idea of furious paddling at your guide’s command, exhilarating for Rapids, and riding on the trains of waves. This fun tour activity is a good way for anyone from vacationing families to adrenaline junkies alike to enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer.

However, your very first white water rafting in Medellin trip can be an intimidating experience. From picking the suitable gear to choosing the perfect guides, here are some tips to make the most of your first white water rafting trip:

Safety First

This is not the normal river ride in your local park. White water rafting in Medellin is very real, and it has the potency of being dangerous sometimes. This is why you need to put safety first in any rafting tour. Start by getting to know the river rating systems. The river is rated on a scale from 1 to 6. With 1 being a less dangerous river and 6 being a more dangerous waterfall. Before you go out, try to find out what the weather is like in that environment. With such an activity that involves a little risk, it’s better to understand what you are getting involved in, and you should know your personal limits. It is also very important to carry the right gear including helmet, life jacket or personal floating device, first aid, and proper safety equipment.

Choose the Trip and Guide for You

Unless you are floating down wave-free river, it is recommended that you hire a tour guide to see you through your first white water rafting in Medellin trip. Guides provide the extra safety and knowledge you need to make sure your first rafting experience is a remarkable one. Some raft guide companies also provide the appropriate rafting gear for their clients, including water resistant bags (for packing personal belongings) and wet suits. Depending on the region or river in Medellin you will be rafting, there are lots of packages suitable for thrill seekers and families. Various areas of the same river can be different when it comes to the difficulty, so make sure you ask you guide a lot of questions before you embark on the tour.

You Should Come Prepared

Once your journey begins on the river, there is no paddling back upstream, so ensure you are well prepared with all you will need when you come. This includes sunscreen. Sunburns can most times ruin your day when rafting in Medellin, so make sure come along with one. Preferably a water resistant sunscreen and one that has a high SPF. Protecting your eyes is equally as important as protecting your skin. Avoid burnt retina and a headache by putting on a sunscreen.

Stay Dry

If you probably find yourself in cold water, you will want to get yourself dry as soon as possible immediately you get back on the boat. To get yourself dried up fast, put on synthetic clothing that is water resistant. Also, to avoid getting your personal belongings wet in such cases, put all your personal belongings such as medications or cash in a water resistance bag.

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